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Get Paid More

Get paid more, get paid faster. MMS has a turnkey system for collecting payments on your behalf.

Reduce In-House Admin Tasks

The MMS team takes on the administrative and medical billing tasks. We care for the claims, posting payment and handle denials.

Efficient Processes

Our team employs processes which help avoid common billing errors – meaning faster payments.

Welcome to Medical Management Services.

Medical Management Services (MMS) is a true partner in the medical billing arena.
The dynamic nature of twenty-first-century health care is complicated. We’re going to provide your practice with a dedicated team of specialists to ensure your billing and claims are being taken care of correctly.

Let Us Help You Collect More Efficiently.

MMS provides the right personnel and the right skills to help; make collections easier, coding be more effective and decrease the time it takes to collect your funds.

Want to speed up your collections?

What are you waiting for?

Reduce the stress of trying to manage every element in your practice. Help your team focus on patients – MMS will care for your practice.

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