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Increase your revenue and accelerate your cash flow. MMS takes care of payment collections for your organization.

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MMS strives to ensure is true partner to help you and your team to making informed decisions and in taking the right steps to achieve results.

We’re Medical Management Services

Medical Management Services (MMS) has successfully evolved in response to the ever-changing landscape of medical billing. We have consistently enhanced and expanded our service offerings to anticipate and fulfill the requirements of our clients. This strategic approach has solidified our status as a premier medical billing firm in Georgia.

Our commitment to ongoing education for both physicians and staff, combined with our sophisticated IT infrastructure, equips our billing specialists in South Georgia to navigate the complexities of heightened government oversight, third-party contract negotiations, and the intricacies of reimbursement processes, ensuring the success of MMS and our clients in this challenging environment.

MMS offers your practice superior control over your revenue cycle and billing functions, surpassing any other solution on the market. Work with MMS gives your practice unmatched visibility for revenue management, ensuring higher collections and reduced operating costs

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